Team Building

Our Team building workshops and activities are designed to help you get the results you want from your team. Call now to speak to one of our team building experts who can help you choose the best activity for your team. Be it enhancing social relations, defining roles, or just rewarding your team with a fun day out, we’ve got the right event for you.


The Company Challenge

The Company Challenge consists of a range of team challenges that can be tailored for your group. It works well in any venue, indoor or outdoor, and can also be combined with a City Challenge.

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Crime Scene Investigation

A completely unique performance that will have your group solving a dastardly murder! Add a lot of humour and a little good, honest police footwork, and you have a killer event.

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Silent Movie Making

Make a short film where your team are the stars. Learn the physicality, comic timing, and script writing of Silent Movies all in one day. At the end, sit back and laugh at the team in action.

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Millionaire Challenge

The Millionaire Challenge is a high energy team event where teams compete with each other for “Monopoly money” in different challenges

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Drum 4 Fun

A fun-filled event of live music, with a twist – you are the musicians. Drum 4 Fun is an excellent way to break the ice, achieve something together as a team, and also works great as an energiser.

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Treasure Hunt

With lots of different fun challenges and tasks to complete, the Treasure Hunt is an event that will get even the tamest of crowds bouncing!

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Your Company Story

Your Company Story is a communications workshop which will see your team use their creative side to actively address issues of communication.

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Team Apprentice

In this event, participants can experience the thrills of what it’s like to be playing the part of a contestant on TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ – except this time, it’s a live event!!!

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Old School Sports Day

Egg & Spoon, Sack Races, Three legged race - Our classic sports day events are designed to be fun, encourage team work, and feature all those classic games from your school days.

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Flash Mobs

Sure to have an instant impact and create a fun, lively atmosphere Flash Mob's are a unique and energised way of working together to create something impressive and fun.

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MCE Inflate 4


We offer a full range of inflatables in a specific sports day format. Our Company Olympics Inflatable tournament is the best for company sports days.

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Bodhran 7

Bodhran Session

Learn to play the Bodhrán, one of Ireland's oldest instruments, and be taught by a professional Bodhrán player. This event is a really unique way to bond with your team and have a fun day out.

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