App-Based City Scavenger Hunt

Posted in Blog on 9th July 2019

Our app-based City Scavenger Hunt is quickly becoming one of our most popular team-building events! Our City Scavenger Hunt is app based, meaning it can be played through tablets or your own personal devices. This is a perfect team-building activity for any sized group!


How it works:

The City Scavenger Hunt map looks and works similarly to Google Maps, you can see your location through a blue dot and it moves with you. Across the map, there are pins and symbols that represent the challenges the teams must attempt. The challenges are geo-activated, which means you have to go to the location to activate the challenge and can’t just sit in the pub all day! 

Team playing iPad City Challenge


Teams have 100 minutes to try and complete as many tasks as possible, however it is difficult to do them all so they must plan strategically! Questions vary from local knowledge to more general knowledge and some of them are timed. Accenture even included some company based questions to the scavenger hunt for the laugh. Photo and video challenges carry bonus points, so the more effort and creativity put into the challenge, the better! There are also ‘superpowers’ scattered across the map, represented as Captain America shields, that can help teams double some of their points. 


The City Scavenger Hunt always brings out the competitiveness in everyone and the challenges provide a great laugh. All photos and videos from the city challenge are then sent to the organiser after the event to keep.


Whether your event starts in town, or at the offices, the scavenger hunt is sure to suit you. So say goodbye to disposable, paper based scavenger hunts and book your app based City Scavenger Hunt today!