City Challenge with Verizon

Posted in Blog on 7th October 2016

On July 14th we ran one of City Challenge events for a group of 100 staff from Verizon.  In the lead up to the event we did a few site visits with the client to ensure we picked the perfect venue for the event.  The client ended up selecting Zozimus Bar on St. Anne’s Lane right in the city centre.  The client opted to go for exclusive use of the bar for the duration of the event (which was 2.5hrs. approximately) and for a few hours thereafter for food and drinks.  Zozimus were a great venue to work with, and event designed up some personalised cocktails in the company colours.

The City Challenge is a really high energy fun event, which is totally customisable based on each company’s needs.  The event incorporates a Discover Dublin Treasure Hunt based around the City Centre, a quirky Scavenger Hunt, and a Fun Character Challenge.  Clients can then opt to incorporate a range of different challenges to suit their wants/needs.  As this group consisted of a large portion of international participants, they opted to include some interactive cultural challenges to give these guest a tastes of Irish heritage and culture.  The event opened with our larger than life MC, Dylan, bursting into the room and getting everyone excited about the Challenge and explaining the rules and how to follow the maps.  At this point the group got a tiny taster of each challenge they would be completing by each of the different performers.  Each team was given a booklet customised with the company logo and off they set to complete all of the different tasks within the time limit they’d been given.

They had a fantastic Irish dancing challenge lead by Eamonn and Ciarán.  For this challenge guests had to come in and learn a simple Irish dance by following the two professional dancers’ demonstrations and instructions.  Next up the guests partook in a lively Bodhrán challenge.  The Bodhrán is the name of the traditional Irish Drum paid from goat’s skin and wood, and played with a small wooden stick.  Teams raced around the city against the clock and one another to find the location where our two professional Bodhrán players were located and had around 10mins to learn a short rhythm piece on the Bodhrán in call and response mode.  Each team was given points based on their performance and then continued on to the next challenge.

We also incorporated a fun balloon modelling challenge and, in keeping the Treasure Hunt theme, a pirate character challenge.  All of these challenges award points based on each individual team’s performance.  Back at Zozimus each team handed in their booklets and one of event staff began to tot up all the scores.  While tyhis went on the teams completes their final challenge in the bar – Build the Tallest Structure!  This last challenge is fast paced and really hands on, bringing out the competitive side in people! A big thank you to all the participants from Verizon for being such a fun group to work with – and a special congrats to the winning team who took home the trophy.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.