Energisers for Your Next Conference

Posted in Blog on 24th January 2020

It is conference season, which is a time of learning and empowerment for all employees but keeping concentration levels up for 1-2 days can be difficult. Our energiser activities are designed to strengthen workplace relationships while also bringing fun and laughter to create an unforgettable experience. Below are just a few brilliant activities that you could be part of.

Drum 4 Fun
Love experiences and music? Then the Drum 4 Fun could be for you. Our talented musician will lead your team to create their own sound, as they play a variety of instruments from massive bass drums to shakers and even some Agogo bells.

This is a brilliant way to refresh a group after a morning conference and energise them for the rest of the day, while also making an unforgettable memory with their co-workers.

Click here for more information on Drum 4 Fun.

Escape the Venue
We can transform your conference into an Escape game! This event can be customised to suit any venue and we can amend the plot line just for you. All participants will be divided into teams and must solve a crime. However, the crime can only be solved when a team completes their puzzle pack. These are no ordinary packs as each question is activated by scanning their QR codes using a smartphone devise. The questions can be spread out through the venue or in one large room, the choice is yours! The first team to solve the crime will win a glorious novelty trophy.

Click here for more information on Escape The Venue.

This is a brilliant event which includes a variety of puzzles and code cracking challenges within the Hackathon booklet. Your guests will be divided into teams will work together to find out the secret code. The first team to crack the code will win and our MC will provide them with a novelty trophy.

Click here for more information on Hackathon.