An Engine, A Leader And an Inspiration.

Posted in Blog on 8th March 2021


Every company, organisation, sports team or even a group on a night out (memories!), need someone to act as the engine. Someone that makes the team go. These people usually take care of setting the tempo, setting standards and working through the issues, all whilst keeping a solid eye on an overall goal, and constantly directing those around them toward that goal. Often taking on the role of the groups “engine” can be a difficult task. To get a group of individuals all on the same page takes a certain kind of spark, a special kind of communicator, and at times, it can take an element of directness.


When you think of famous engines in sport you might think of the likes of Roy Keane, Sonia O’ Sullivan or Serena Williams. In historical terms you might think of the likes of Amelia Earhart, Alexander Graham Bell or, more recently, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

With that being said, At Creative Events our Engine, our Sonia O’Sullivan, our Driver is Caroline, our director. Caroline directs the team, helps develop event activities, organises the ins and outs of our virtual events, plans out events so they tick like clockwork (No easy feat) and creates a lot of the structures we work from. She also tells members of the team when to metaphorically “track back“and let’s us know when we’ve hit a “bad pass”. (Sorry Caroline!). Not only does she take care of all those incredibly complex tasks, she also creates the time to bring a thoughtfulness to her role, something that a lot of other leaders in this day and age might find difficult. Caroline organises birthday cakes, waters the office plants and has been known to offer medical advice and assistance to members of the office that have injured themselves on their morning commute. (it happens!)


On international women’s day we thought it appropriate to celebrate Caroline and women all around the world like her, that occupy leadership roles within teams, groups, organisations and corporations. At Creative Events we whole-heartedly support women in leadership roles and, we’re glad to have a great female leader as part of our team.


Fair Play Caroline!