Discover Dublin with our iPad City Challenge Team Building activity this summer!

Posted in Blog on 12th April 2018

We have all taken part in some form of outdoor activity, whether it was a treasure hunt as part of a summer team building activity day out or an Easter egg hunt as a child. The future is technology as they say and we are jumping on the bandwagon with our iPad City Challenge, the new way to discover the amazing city of Dublin. This event is packed full of high-tech features for everyone to enjoy!

iPad City Challenge – the Dublin Team Building activity of the future! 

Our traditional paper treasure hunt had a facelift last year and we created a high-tech version for the iPad. Explore Dublin City Centre armed with an iPad for your team building activity this summer – hopefully the sun will be shining!  As soon as your team open the app the adventure and competition will begin! Navigating through Dublin teams will race to answer all GPS activated questions in the allotted time. Once an iPad has pinged at a location of a question it will automatically pop up on the screen. These questions include photo, video, and puzzle questions – don’t delay as there is a time limit on each question. Can you find the QR codes hidden around the city? These will activate additional questions for teams to answer.

Keep track of who is in the lead throughout with the automated real-time leaderboard and chat with other teams with our live messaging system. We have also included sneaky features that allow teams to sabotage each other. Is there a team in the lead? You can use functions to slow them down – use them wisely as you have a limited amount! We will assemble all photos and videos into a montage to show to the group at the end of the event.

Will you complete the virtual scavenger hunt, gain the most points and be crowned the winner? Book now to find out!