iPad Treasure Hunt with KPMG

Posted in Blog on 23rd August 2017

On Friday the 21st of July we hosted an iPad Treasure Hunt for KPMG in Dublin City Centre. The iPad Treasure Hunt is a brand new event that we have just launched and we have received fantastic feedback on this event so far!

KPMG met the Creative Events team in Café en Seine where they explained the rules of the iPad Treasure Hunt. The teams had an hour and 30 minutes to complete the treasure hunt and get back to Café en Seine before the time ran out! There was great excitement as the teams raced against the clock to get to the right locations on the iPad map where a question or challenge would pop up. During the iPad Treasure Hunt each team had to complete challenges such as QR codes, movie challenges, Irish dancing challenges, locate particular items and take photos with them as well as questions relating to historical buildings and statues around Dublin City.

During the iPad Treasure Hunt a number of gadgets can be sent to sabotage the other teams. These gadgets include; Xray vision which reveals the location of all teams, A ghost can be sent to give other teams a fright, Beer goggles cause the receiving team’s screen to look blurred and a Fire Bomb will send flames dancing across their screen.

In the last 15 minutes the pressure was on as the teams had to make it back before the time ran out! When all the teams arrived back to Café en Seine the winning team was announced. Each member of the winning team received a €50 One 4 All voucher and the first runner up team received novelty medals.

We would like to thank KPMG for their great team spirt on the day. Their energy on the day was just brilliant! We are looking forward to our next event with you.