KPMG Company Challenge Event

Posted in Blog on 5th October 2016

On June 24th we headed over The Camden Court Hotel to host a Company Challenge Event for a group of one hundred interns from KPMG.  This focus of this event was to highlight the key concepts of working within a team.   For the first half of the morning we brought our leading expert team building training and mindfulness workshop facilitator Sean M Kelly.  Sean did a two-hour session with the group in the morning.  The session focused on Personal leadership and success, the characteristics of effective teams, communicating with confidence, team development, emotional intelligence, and personal resolution.  It was a very interactive session and the group seemed to respond very well.

For the second half of the event we wanted to get the group up and active with some hands on activities which required them to put into action the elements of team building they had focused on in their morning session.  For this part of the event we split the group into ten teams of ten.  We had our MC split the teams by using a 1 to 10 numbering system, grouping all the 1s together, all the 2s together and so on and so forth.  This ensures you avoid friends grouping up together and get people who may not normally get to communicate within the work environment interacting in a fun and positive atmosphere, creating trust and bonding among staff.  Each team elected a team leader who was presented with a timetable and a cup of casino chips.  Teams were paired up and set around to the different zones to go head to head and bet chips against one another on the various games and challenges.

There were three different zones; Carnival Zone, Krypton zone, and Creative Zone.  Each Zone consisted of a series of different games ranging from fun Carnival Stalls and Inflatables, to the more challenging Gutterball and Pitfall, to the Tower of Hani and Tower of Babylon which really test your problem solving skills.  The Creative Zone consisted of a fantastic drumming challenge by a professional musician, a skilful juggling and balloon modelling challenge, as well as a fast paced Buzz off Podium Challenge and many more.  Each Zone was managed by at least one Zone Controller who managed the games and took and distribute the chips.

This part of the event lasted for approximately two hours and the energy in the room was really fantastic.  Teams could bet against one another or the house and at the end of the day the team with the most chips was crowned the champion and our MC presented them with a Trophy.  We brought the event to a close by bringing our workshop facilitator, Sean, back in to touch once more on all of the key elements he had addressed with the group during the morning workshop.  A huge thanks to all of the participants from KPMG for being so enthusiastic and competitive.  It was a very enjoyable day and we look forward to our next company event with you!