Lunch Time Activities

Posted in Blog on 13th August 2019

Approaching the end of summer is always a sad time of year. It is easy to associate fun and excitement with the sunny months of May, June and July, but it doesn’t need to end there. Lunch time activities are the perfect way to combat that end of summer lull and keep your team engaged!


DHL brought this attitude with them last Friday and held some fun activities during their lunch break to wrap up the week. Along with an Eddie Rockets Van to serve the food, we brought our Cube Challenge activities to test the colleagues. Our DJ provided the tunes, and the games were off.


The Activities

The Ball Sort game proved to be the most popular activity with the groups from DHL. The challenge is exactly as it appears in the show, and much more difficult than it looks! Participants had to sort the coloured balls, colour by colour, from the mixed up boxes into a separate box with only one hole as an entrance. The trick is, you can only use one hand! We could feel the tension in the room as the spectators fell quiet to watch!


The Buzz Off Quiz tested their general knowledge over lunch. The first person to buzz in gets to answer the question. This is where the competitiveness came to light! Subconsciously, the group split into teams and quickly began cheering on and helping their representative. A real sense of comradery could be felt in the tent. 



The lunch time activities were the perfect way to wrap up the day for the ‘early risers’ and the perfect interval for those doing the day shift. The weather, a yellow warning for rainfall, proved that a perfect summer’s day was not needed for a fun filled afternoon. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and we all had a bit of craic in it!