Mobile Escape Rooms – The unique event for all occasions

Posted in Blog on 3rd October 2018

As the cold weather is setting in and the plans for the winter team building and Christmas events are beginning, it’s hard to think of something unique and fun to do indoors. We have the answer – Mobile Escape Rooms! You won’t find Mobile Escape Rooms anywhere else because we have spent months designing it exclusively for us and we don’t plan on sharing anytime soon!

What do you need to know?

Mobile Escape Rooms are the first fully transportable inflatable version of the ever-popular escape rooms. With a range of games for all events including team building, summer events and Christmas parties. Teams of six must escape within fifteen or nine minutes depending on the game you choose. On arrival, each player will be handcuffed to a box and must figure out where to go from there using only what is in the room. A TopGear style leaderboard tracks who is winning with the fastest exit time. Trust me it will get very competitive!

Where can this take place?

We bring the Mobile Escape Rooms to you!  We can provide our inflatable event in pretty much any venue, anywhere in Ireland. Obviously, it must fit in the space so make sure to check your measurements – you’ll need five meters squared in total. Unfortunately, like most of us, it can’t withstand the Irish rain so it must be indoors. There is an outdoor option if you really want it outdoors. We have run this in all kinds of locations from an office building foyer to function rooms of a hotel or bar.

Why choose Mobile Escape Rooms?

Try something different for your upcoming events, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Mobile Escape Rooms can be a standalone event or part of larger Christmas parties or summer events. We will set up, run and take down the entire thing so you don’t even have to lift a finger – except to call us! This works great as a structured team building event with schedules for teams as well as a free play event where anyone can participate whenever they like.

Book Mobile Escape Rooms for your upcoming events and see who will be crowned the winner!