Stress Awareness Month 2021

Posted in Blog on 15th April 2021

Since 1992, April has been the designated month to build awareness around stress and how we tackle this silent killer. Stress comes in many ways and each individual has their own ways of dealing with it. 29 years on, we have probably faced our most stressful, unthinkable year of our time. The Mental Health Foundation announced an incredibly sad stat , saying that 74% of adults in the UK felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the last 12 months.

Living with Covid-19 this past year has thrown up all of the previous stresses we’ve had but on an astronomical level. A problem that might arise after being in these conditions so long is people actually being worried and stressed about getting back to a normal social life. We have become accustomed to our bubbles and have had restricted engagement to our friends, family and colleagues. The stats show that we are all in it together, as cliché as it sounds, simply speaking to a friend about your stressed and problems is the best way to relieve that weight. The likelihood being that the person you are talking to needs to do the same – you can be the motivation.

At Creative Events, we have expressed our ways of dealing with stress:

Have A Laugh! – “I haven’t laughed like that in a long time”. How good is that feeling when you are uncontrollably laughing with loved ones and a million miles away from any painful thoughts or emotions.

Exercise – Getting yourself out and about, whether it be a walk, run or whatever gets your serotonin levels up! Exercise is crucial to your physical and mental health.

Do Things You Love – Always find time to have self-care and at a minimum do two things that you enjoy or love. A good tip is to reminisce of your childhood and what you enjoyed then. Kicking a ball, puzzle games, the list is endless!

Everything has two sides to it nonetheless, stress can be looked at in a positive way. Stress can show that you are caring, that you take responsibility, it is how we deal with it.

In the month of stress awareness, our company goal is to simply have fun! Have a word with your colleagues and set your goal.