The Big Interactive Quiz – As Big As It Sounds!

Posted in Blog on 23rd July 2019

The Big Interactive Quiz is as big and interactive as it sounds; and is a sure-fire way to see how competitive your colleagues can get!

Two people wait answer a question at a Creative Events Big Interactive team building event


The Big Interactive is so much more than your usual pub quiz. The group will be split into teams and each team is given a special buzzer. The first team to hit the buzzer gets to answer! There is something for everyone in the quiz. We include picture rounds and audio rounds to keep it versatile, and we update our questions annually to keep it current. So, start thinking of your favourite TV shows theme tunes.. The Big Interactive Quiz even gets bigger and more interactive than that though! We use LED Buzz Podiums and quizmaster Lightboxes to really bring the show to life. You can watch as your colleagues fight over the LED lights to get their answer in first. The Quiz really does rile everyone up!


The Big Interactive Quiz is the perfect way to wrap up a week in the office and blow off some steam. It is one of those ones that’s popular all year round and so you will never miss an opportunity to enjoy it. While it gets you thinking, it is great craic for everyone involved! You will find the strengths and weaknesses amongst your colleagues – and even discover some hidden guilty pleasures along the way.


As I said, The Big Interactive Quiz is as big and interactive as it sounds! If you are looking for the perfect activity to rally the troops after work, then this is the one for you. You can enquire about the event here –