Team Building Events To Kickstart 2021 – Virtual Quiz show Event

Posted in Blog on 2nd December 2020

Help your team beat the January blues with a virtual team building event.

Finding ways to beat the January Blues around the office is always a tricky task.  2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and whilst the silly brought a little cheer to us all, the coming January is set to be a little bluer than usual. (for understandable reasons). With this in mind, Creative Events have put together a suite of Virtual Teaming Building events designed to beat the January Slump, one of which, is our virtual Quiz show event.

Kickstart 2021 in a fun and engaging way.

The Big Interactive Quiz event is the perfect mood booster to kickstart 2021. Get your team feeling energised, competitive and enthused about the year to come. The event is 30-90 minutes per event, so it’s an easy activity to fit into even the busiest start of year schedule! The Big Interactive Quiz  is much more than a quiz game – it is a mini TV production. This means that your staff will have a unique and memorable experience when playing. The virtual Quiz show is hosted by an MC and includes live scores throughout.

Event includes:

  •  A Professional MC
  • Live Scores Throughout
  •  Trivia Quiz
  • A range of question types including: True or False, multiple choice and special interactive games.

 Creative Events are here to help you and your team, beat the January Blues in 2021! Get in touch today at for more information on all our Virtual Team Building Events!