Why Treasure Hunts are a Great Team Building Event

Posted in Blog on 16th May 2016

It’s finally coming in to the glorious summer months at last – the ideal time of year to round up your team and head outside for a bit of outdoor fun.  Now, we’re not suggesting you just head straight to the nearest beer garden for your outdoor fun.  You’ll end up losing half your team to other engagements and won’t maximise on the team building benefits a fun and well organised outdoor activity can provide.

This is where our Treasure Hunt activity comes in. Treasure Hunts are known worldwide, have been around for years, and are a bit of fun while learning or developing team building skills in a positive, relaxed and entertaining environment.

Our Treasure Hunts take place in the larger cities around Ireland.  All you need is to get your group to meet at the area which will be pre-arranged by us – we’ll take care of the rest. Here booklets will be handed out by our MC who will explain how the activity works. They will split the group up in to teams and you’ll compete against each other, and the clock, to complete various fun activities throughout the city.

The Importance of Communication and Cooperation

Treasure Hunts are a great exercise in positive team building. They get people interacting and communicating with one another in a more relaxed environment than the office. This works well for a multitude of situations. There may be new people joining your team who have not yet had the chance to work on anything together or integrate with existing employees, or perhaps you just want to boost morale for long standing employees. The treasure hunt aims to get groups to try to complete challenges by working as a team and utilising their problem solving skills to come up with strategic plans to help complete the challenges throughout the activity.

Treasure Hunts help people develop new skills and strengthen and reinforce other skills such as leadership, communication, and problem solving.  This is of equal benefit to employees and employers combined. As we all know, being able to commutate and cooperate is essential to the success of any company.  Being able to practice this skill in a more relaxed and fun environment is a great way to highlight how important good communication is to succeeding in business.