Back To The Future

A Team Adventure through the decades

This game brings everyone together. Teams must collaborate in order to win.

Back To The Future is an immersive game themed across four iconic decades; the 60’s, 80’s, noughties and 2010’s. Teams must complete a range of interactive team questions and puzzles from the pop culture of the day. The game format ensures everyone in the room ends up interacting and communicating with each other.

The Teamwork: Firstly, teams must work together to solve the challenges and then negotiate and trade cards to get access to all the questions.

The Collaboration: Each time a team finishes a decade they receive a letter they need to complete the game. Teams must form alliances with at least two other teams in order to collaborate by sharing the letters the team has received to solve the final clue.

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    How It Works

    • Teams must complete up to 50 different challenges and mini games to win.
    • Challenges range from fun Trivia, Emoji, Escape game style puzzles, brain teasers, where in the world and photo and video challenges.
    • All questions are against the clock with points reducing the longer you take to answer. This creates great energy and urgency in the game.
    • There are also three inter-team challenges where teams go head to head against each other.
    • Each team gets 8 giant game cards to start.
    • To get access to all the tasks , teams need to negotiate and trade the cards with each other.
    • The cards contain part of the puzzles/challenge and teams scan the QR code on each card to receive the full question.
    • Teams can form alliances with other teams to help each other out during the game.
    • Trophy for the winning team.
    • There is a great media created during the game which serves as a great follow up for the event.

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