C.S.I. Save The Boss


This event kicks off with the entrance of the detective bearing the shocking footage of your colleague being kidnapped! The actor will play a range of diverse and highly entertaining characters sure to get your group laughing & keep you engaged throughout the performance.

How It Works

  • The way the C.S.I. Save the Boss operates is in the ‘kidnap’ format
  • Our actor will show a short video  of someone in the office being “kidnapped”
  • He/she is playing a detective and will call upon your team to aid in their investigation
  • The group will  need to assist completeing a series of fun tasks/challenges provided by the detective
  • Each completed challenge awards points, and whoever has the most points cracks the case and wins a trophy


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"I cant praise the actors enough, the event was brilliant. Feedback from all the staff was very positive, thanks so much for organising it as it went without a hitch! In fact a lot of my friends who didn’t get to go have asked for your company’s details so hopefully you will have a few more to organise soon!!"

Damien Murtagh - Chill Insurance
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