Hack The Code & Win The Grand Prize!

Hack the Code To Crack Open the Safe.

Playable on tablets or smartphones, Hackathon is an interactive high energy team event.

Specifically designed for conferences and meetings, the game can be setup within minutes and has a flexible duration.

In the first phase the room is transformed into a giant hacking event. This is a high energy and highly interactive event, with scores and more challenges, codes and encrypted messages are displayed on a large screen.

  • There are three levels of Puzzles: Easy, Difficult and Very Difficult.
  • Teams must form strategies that will help them tackle as many riddles as possible.
  • Teams can split up and work on different codes/levels that will utilise and maximise the teams strengths, working in smaller breakout teams before coming together to solve the harder puzzles.
  • Teams enter the answers into either Tablets supplied or their own Smartphones. The scores are then displayed live on the large screen in the room.


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    Our Clients


    Just a quick email to say a big ‘thank you’ to Anne and yourselves for our event on Thursday night.  It was so much fun and everyone had a great time.I think the arm…

    Gail Richardson

    Friday was a huge success.  I have never had a team come back to me with Soooo many great comments and expressions of a fun time.  We really enjoyed it, so thank you and…

    Patrick Condren

    We had such an amazing night and were still talking about it for days after. Thank you for taking the stress and time out of organising some fantastic entertainment for such a large crowd…

    Jennifer O’Neill

    We all really enjoyed Friday, I don’t think people knew what to expect (including myself I suppose!) but it was a great night. Simon was brilliant and everyone had a good laugh so it…

    Emma Blount

    We had a ball!!! It was such good fun….. Some of the team members came back to the hotel the worse for ware after gathering all the clues and consuming one or two drinks…

    Annette White

    The team loved it ! The night was a great success and the guys were fantastic.

    Emma Ledden

    Key Benefits

    • Time Management
    • Project Management
    • Delegation
    • Risk Management
    • Synergy
    • Communication
    • Collective Thinking
    • Strategy

    How This Event Works

    There are three levels of puzzles: easy, difficult and very difficult.

    Teams will enter their answers on the app on their smart phone or tablet, unlocking a character for the code.

    The final two teams must compete head to head to solve the final puzzle. The remaining teams can bet their points on the team they wish to win.

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