Irish Murder Mystery

Solve the mystery, find the killer, and have the 'craic' at this brilliant interactive event.

Our professional actors will play typical Irish characters and greet your guests in character from the moment you walk through the door. They’ll befriend and interact with you, divulging important information and casting doubt and suspicion on fellow guests and actors.

We’ll even write your group (and particular individuals) into part of the script before the event date so rather than you just watching this take place, you are involved in your very own personalised Irish Murder Mystery.  We can even throw in a few Irish songs and gigs…

How It Works

  • The Murder Mystery can take place over dinner or drinks
  • We can book the venue or run the event in any venue you may have booked in most towns and cities in Ireland
  • There are one to five professional actors playing out the roles
  • The Characters mingle with the guests during the evening
  • The guests pick up clues during the scenes and have to establish a motive and solve the murder at the end of the night
  • Trophy for the winning team


"I cant praise the actors enough, the event was brilliant. Feedback from all the staff was very positive, thanks so much for organising it as it went without a hitch! In fact a lot of my friends who didn’t get to go have asked for your company’s details so hopefully you will have a few more to organise soon!!"

Damien Murtagh - Chill Insurance
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