Murder Mystery Pub Crawl

The Murder Mystery Pub Crawl is an entertaining, humorous and fun activity suitable for both social and corporate groups.

A murder takes place in front of your eyes and someone in your group is the culprit – but who? By acting out your characters and interrogating your fellow guests, you will solve the crime and aim to take home the trophy!

How It Works:

  • Actor meets group at venue already in character posing as the bar manager and is poisoned.
  • The actor meets group in various venues as different characters.
  • Everyone in group gets a different profile/character card.
  • One of you has committed the murder and you have to interview each other to find out who has done it.
  • Guests have to pick up on the clues and establish who in the group the killer is!
  • Winning team receives a trophy.


"We had a ball!!! It was such good fun….. Some of the team members came back to the hotel the worse for ware after gathering all the clues and consuming one or two drinks along the way!!!   I have had good feedback from everyone however and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Many thanks to the actors involved. They were good fun….Hopefully we will have an excuse in the future to avail of them again."

Annette White - Bord Na Móna
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