SAVE… Pop Culture!

SAVE…. POP CULTURE! is a collaboration style game, where teams must work together to save some of the most iconic moments of the past, from the evil Dr. DOOM!!

SAVE… POP CULTURE! has been designed specifically for our new video networking platform WeNetwork, which allows guests the freedom to move from table to table throughout the event. The game design means that guests will meet and collaborate with at least 30 colleagues during the activity. In this high energy game, guests will answer a range of trivia questions, puzzles and challenges based across three decades; the 60’s, the 80’s and the 00’s. We’ve also included some specific networking questions to optimise interaction within the groups.

  • Broadcasting live, our host guides the players and teams through this time travelling activity
  • Flexible Duration of 45 – 90 minutes of fun and games
  • Collaboration – This is a team event. Work within your team to solve as many riddles as you can!
  • Interactive – This game includes photo and video challenges to engage the teams and encourage interaction


This activity is no longer available

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