The Big Summer Escape

The Big Escape - Outdoor Escape Game

Planning anything has been extremely difficult in the recent past. Corporate engagement, team bonding and staff night out have been all time low but it’s finally time to start looking ahead to Summer 2021 and what is has to offer.

The Big Escape – Outdoor Summer Event is a fun, outdoor, socially distanced event. There is so much we have all missed out on, but this Summer Event is one we don’t have to!

Played around your city, The Big Escape is the perfect setting for new teams to bond, or getting the old squad back together! Your team will be tasked with breaking codes and puzzles to break into Big Al’s Casino. You get to play interactively through your smartphone and will have access to a live scoreboard so you know the people you have to beat.

At Creative Events, we are getting set for one our of busiest summer’s yet with corporate companies ready to get their teams back together once again. Keep any eye across all of our social channels to see what excited news and brand new games we can offer!

If you are confused about our Big Summer Escape, here’s how it works:

  • Flexible time durations. Games can take from 30 – 90 mins.
  • Fun, Engaging experience that can be enjoyed while socially distanced
  • Teams can consist of 2 – 6 people
  • Live scoreboard
  • This game includes photo and video challenges to engage the teams and encourage interaction
  • The timer begins and the team who pulls off the casino heist with the most points wins!

Email us now and we can book you in to play The Big Summer Escape!

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