Team Magic

Magic provides the ideal vehicle for a team building breakout session as every participant begins at the same level. The workshop is engaging, educational and more importantly fun!

Learning some of the skills, performance strategies and beliefs of a magician will boost the groups problem solving skills, enable them to connect and engage more effectively as well as present and communicate in a more powerful way.

How it works:

  • The workshop starts with a 15 minute interactive magic show which is based around ‘Magic of the Mind’.
  • Everyone will receive their own magic prop which they will use to learn and perform an amazing magic effect.
  • Afterwards the group will be divided into teams and be given a magic prop/effect which they must work creatively as a group to understand, practice and then perform.
  • Once the group understands how the effect works they must present/perform it using the skills learned below.

Benefits and skills learned

  • Prepare winning presentations
  • Become more charismatic
  • Hold and control attention
  • Gain confidence
  • Use misdirection
  • Work together creatively to achieve their objectives
  • Perform magic effects
  • Put people at their ease
  • Solve problems magically


"The actors were just great and even though a few of our team were from Europe they really got into it and I’ve had nothing but great feedback including “fantastic” so thanks again for a great and different night! Don’t be surprised to see us again at some stage."

Grainne Ruane - Microsoft
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