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I’m not designed for social events online

Posted in Blog on 16th February 2021

I’m not a cat By now, most of us have seen the hilarious viral video of lawyer Rod Ponton entering a court video meeting with a filter of a kitten. The lawyer/cat seems to get more and more distressed as the video meeting goes on, seemingly unable to find the setting preferences to change his […]

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WeNetwork – Our New Online Event Platform.

Posted in News on 2nd February 2021

What A Zoom Event Would Look Like In Real Life Imagine standing in  your favourite bar, with 30 people that you know. Some of them close friends, others are just acquaintances. Now imagine the 30 of you have to interact in real life the same way we interact on zoom.   Okay – So first, […]

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Do you Suffer From Zoom Fatigue?

Posted in News on 26th January 2021

Do you suffer from Zoom Fatigue? Being on a video call requires more focus than a face-to-face chat, is scientifically proven to require more focus. Video chats mean we need to work harder to process non-verbal cues like facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, and body language; paying more attention to these […]

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Top tips for working from home

Posted in News on 18th January 2021

Working from home is an odd blending of two aspects of life that are usually quite separate. Whether you’re a mechanic, a nurse or an office administrator your home is organised differently to your workplace. They each have different functions, or they used to. In the past year the home and work environment has begun […]

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4 Tips To Keep Your Remote Workforce Supported And Motivated

Posted in News on 7th January 2021

Bringing “The Little Things” Online. Keeping your remote workforce energised and motivated while they’re away from their team can be tricky. A lot of tasks and work within the corporate sphere can be done remotely, however we all know there is more to a workplace than just work. A workplace is a place where people […]

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A Blue January

Posted in News on 5th January 2021

A Blue January It’s been a festive period of twists and turns. At the beginning of December, it felt as though there was reason for cautious optimism, both for businesses and for society in general. A little over a month later, a world that had been turned upside down by Covid19, Now feels like it’s […]

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Mark French, CEO Of Creative Events, On RTE Radio 1

Posted in News on 9th December 2020

Last week, Creative Events CEO, Mark French, caught up with Liam Geraghty on the Business on RTE Radio 1 to discuss how the work Christmas party will look this year. While this year work parties will be likely scrapped or moved to an online setting, there are a few upsides to the virtual work gathering. […]

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Team Building Events To Kickstart 2021 – Virtual Quiz show Event

Posted in Blog on 2nd December 2020

Help your team beat the January blues with a virtual team building event. Finding ways to beat the January Blues around the office is always a tricky task.  2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and whilst the silly brought a little cheer to us all, the coming January is set to be a […]

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Visit Santa In The North Pole

Posted in Blog on 1st December 2020

Come Visit Santa in the North Pole and see how he is getting on making everyone Christmas presents. Would you like a personalised visit from Santa? Santa is a very busy man, especially in December! But one thing is for sure – he always makes time for the boys and girls who love to have […]

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The Company Christmas Party

Posted in Blog on 30th November 2020

This Christmas we are creating a Christmas party to remember with our Ultimate Virtual Christmas TV Show designed for your company! What’s happened to Christmas party 2020? As the year that is 2020 comes to a close, it may be better to look forward instead of backwards – what a year it has been! With […]

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