4 Benefits of a Quiz as Team Building activities

Posted in News on 9th November 2018

Team building is essential for staff, helping to boost morale and showing appreciation by bringing everyone out for a fun day/night. There are many different types of team building activities; outdoor and indoor, competitive or collaborative. Our Quiz events include them all – apart from outdoors obviously, sure who wants to be outside in winter?  Here are the main benefits of our quiz events and why it could work for your next team building activity:

1. Inclusive

Unlike some activities that require completing challenges or certain fitness levels, everyone can take part in a quiz. Teams must work together in order to answer questions correctly and if they get it wrong it doesn’t mean they are out of the game! Whether your group is 50 or 500 we can organise the perfect event for you.

2. Competitive

As much as quiz events are collaborative with teams working together to figure out the right answers, they are competing against other teams! You can pre-form teams in order to either mix up the group or have departments battle against each other. Friendly team building is has proven to unite teams but who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Plus the winning team will earn bragging rights and the coveted novelty trophy!

3. Engaging

Trust me, even the most average quizzer will be sucked into our quiz! Choose from a high-tech fully digitized quiz or the beloved interactive quiz with paper, picture, move theme tunes and audio rounds. There is something for everyone with a huge range of questions throughout the rounds.

4. Impactful

While teams are having the craic and trying to beat their opponents, you can customise some questions within the quiz. Whether they are questions about the company or seminar the group just finished up, we can incorporate them into your event. This is a great way to see who was paying attention during conferences or meetings.

Does this sound like something that will work for your next team building activity or upcoming Christmas party? Our sales team are on hand to advise on the best option for you.