Bon Secours Summer Family Fun Day

Posted in News on 5th October 2016

On Sunday the 4th of September we hosted one of our most exciting Family Fun Days to date at the Radisson St. Helens in Stillorgan.  This event was for a group of 400 people and was catered towards employees and their families, with children of all ages attending.  The client wanted to go for a Carnival style theme and so we tried to incorporate games and activities in line with this theme that would cater for all ages, children and adults alike.

There were lots of different elements to this event. Some of these included; carnival stalls and games to inflatables, to various kinds of walk about performers, to old school sports day style games, to a chill out area, to a play area for infants, to a range of food stalls.  This event really had it all! For younger children we had a one of our fantastic kid’s performers come in and run a number of games and activities including a puppet show, a kid’s dance competition, a colouring competition, and a special children’s magic show. The kids were kept entertained and engaged all day and really seemed to have a blast.  A special well done to all of the children who entered the colouring competition.  Our MC Shay was really impressed with all the entries and it was a tough job picking the prize winners.

We supplied a range of different fun prizes for every activity/game that was played on the day.  These were distributed either by individual game attendees (such as on the Carnival Stalls), or were announced to the guests and presented by our MC Shay, who kept a running commentary on the day and created a happy and relaxed atmosphere while keeping guest informed on what was happening and where it would take place.

We had a great range of walk about performers circulating the event at all times.  This went down really well as guests were met by dazzling stilt performers, silly clowns, jugglers, hoola hoop artists, and even a unicyclist upon arrival.  These performers stayed circulating the event for the whole day interacting with all of the guests and keeping a really fun atmosphere going.  We also had some life-size costume characters at the event, including a big friendly orangutan and a pretty butterfly.  These characters mingled with guests throughout the day and posed for photographs with the children.

The client had split some of their employees into teams to participate in some sports day games which was run by Dylan, our games controller.  Teams competed in a fun obstacle relay, as well as the classic Tug O’ War.  Well done to all the teams – they were all really enthusiastic participants and it was a close call in every race!

The Radisson provided a great BBQ for the guests on the day, complete with a roast pig (with an apple in its mouth of course).  They also had separate BBQ food for the kids which was great and everyone tucked in.  We arranged several additional food stands to add to the carnival theme, with a vintage ice cream cart, a colourful popcorn stand, and a circus style candyfloss machine.  These stands were very popular with adults and children alike, and really added to the fantastic visual impact of the event.  We also arranged for a range of large brightly coloured festival flags, colourful bunting, and lantern style lighting, with ribbon streamers to decorate the entire outdoor area of the event which really tied the whole thing together.

We want to extend a huge thank you to the staff at the Radisson St. Helens who are always a joy to work with and extremely accommodating.  We would also like to say a huge thank you to the client.  They were a fantastic group and everyone got involved in the great range of games and activities which we provided and cheered one another on.  It really was a fantastic day all round and we look forward to seeing you all again at your Christmas party this year.