Competitive vs Collaborative Team Building Activities – What is the difference?

Posted in News on 31st August 2018

As the corporate world is ever-evolving so is the way we look at training and developing our teams. The two main types of team building being collaborative and competitive – both have their own strengths and goals. Choosing the style of team building activities depends on your objective.

Competitive Team Building – Department bonding

Competitive team building activities have been around for years and have proven very successful particularly when you have several departments within a division or company. These activities generally pitch teams against each other to become the overall winner. The benefits of this type of activity are; boosts morale within the winning team and boost competition within the workplace (in a healthy way!) which in turn can increase productivity and profits. Some companies make these activities quarterly or annually events. Why not start a company league with a winner each time – trust me the competition will be fierce!!

We offer some a range of competitive team building activities such as Quiz Shows, The Cube Challenge and Company Challenge just to name a few. Whether you are a big or small group we have the right competitive event for you.


Collaborative Team Building – The “one team” attitude

Collaborative team building activities are fairly new to the corporate sector. These activities are designed so the whole group work together to achieve a common goal rather than competing with other teams. In some collaborative activities, the group will be split into sub-groups but still having the same common goal. The aim is for the group to learn, have fun and bond as a team with the outcome showing what the team can achieve when they work together towards a common goal.  Collaborative activities are great ice-breakers for new teams or as a breakout session during a day of meetings.

Our Drum for Fun, Silent Movie Making and Drum and Dance events are perfect for team collaboration.

Will you choose competition or collaboration for your next team building activity? Don’t worry we can help you choose the right one for your team.