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Posted in News on 2nd February 2021

What A Zoom Event Would Look Like In Real Life

Imagine standing inĀ  your favourite bar, with 30 people that you know. Some of them close friends, others are just acquaintances. Now imagine the 30 of you have to interact in real life the same way we interact on zoom.


Okay – So first, there’s an odd silence within the gathering, waiting for someone to pipe up and direct the meeting. Finally, someone does. Now the 29 other revellers have to look at the person speaking, and wait for a good time to interject with a comment or thought that’s relevant. Some people in the crowd try to cut in, but don’t make it all the way to the end of their sentence. There’s an odd tension because if we’re following the zoom etiquette in this hypothetical scenario, the crowd always needs a lead to focus on, interact with and respond to. A bit of on odd way of hanging out, huh?


The Problem With Virtual Events On Zoom

The problem with events on Traditional Video Platforms is that the communication they facilitate is very direct. You speak, I speak, the other person speaks, in a very turn based fashion. Which is perfect for getting work done and delegating tasks. However, when you’re socialising, you’re not usually delegating tasks and ticking things off. Socialising is a far more nuanced interaction. It’s relaxed, it’s spontaneous, it doesn’t have an absolutely defined the goal. When we socialise and attend live venues and events we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. That’s why we love attending live venues and events! It’s a little fluid and there’s room for new things, new people and fun.

Our Solution

The WeNetwork Online Event Platform brings the charm, nuance and fun of a live venue to the virtual medium. Our Online Event Platform allows you to move freely between virtual tables and to socialise in a more natural way. Attendees can take a seat at a table and begin interacting with whoever is at the table. The stage function, allows attendees to take to the stage and address the entire venue, in a one way style interaction (Similar to a performer on stage). Attendees can move between different themed rooms and scout out friends on tables at the venue. The backchatter feature, feeds a low hum of audio from actual conversations that are happening within the venue. Check in with friends or colleagues at another table and then, head back to your table. Our Online Event Platform mimics all the aspects of live venues and socialising that have been lost as we’ve brought live events into the virtual sphere. We also provide a wide variety of virtual activities for attendees to get involved in while they’re in our virtual venue. Quizzes, networking games and puzzles games can be integrated into our Online Event Platform easily and in a new and refreshing way.


So if you’re virtual get togethers or virtual conference gathering events have been getting a little samey lately, contact us about WeNetwork at hello@creativeevents.ie and we’ll get you and your team or group virtually socialising, in a more social way.


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