CSI – The Detective Team Building Activity

Posted in News on 27th February 2019

Since the CSI or Crime Scene Investigation series exploded on to our screens people have wanted to become the crime busters. Well, now you can! Our CSI team building activity gives you are your team the chance to become detectives for the day – complete with actors for each suspect!

Duncan Best has just be named the best selling author with his book “The BEST way to a customer”. He has kindly arranged a motivational speech for your team, giving his advice and insights. Suddenly, he drops dead! Detective Mick Daly runs in screaming “This is murder!” He will need your help in solving the case and catching the killer. In teams, you will set off to interview the suspects as well as completing team building challenges along the way.

If you are in the market for a fun day out the CSI team building activity is the one for you. Incorporating crime scene investigation with a bit of a treasure hunt mixed in for good measure. Don’t believe me? Let our clients doing the talking for us:

I can not thank you enough for everything you did for the team. We haven’t stopped saying how much fun we had and how well it went and that it was the best staff day we’ve ever had”. I am sure to you Eve it was just your job to organize our day but I feel like you went above and beyond for us. I also need to say thank you so much for choosing Jim for us, he was the perfect addition to our day. The girls got a good kick out of him including our manager who couldn’t stop saying how good he was and funny. I will definitely be using you again in the future Eve, and have even recommended your company to a number of people who are looking to organise events in the near future.”

– Jennifer, Crumlin Childcare