Do you Suffer From Zoom Fatigue?

Posted in News on 26th January 2021

Do you suffer from Zoom Fatigue?

Being on a video call requires more focus than a face-to-face chat, is scientifically proven to require more focus. Video chats mean we need to work harder to process non-verbal cues like facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, and body language; paying more attention to these consumes a lot of energy. On a video chat, peoples minds are together, but their bodies are not.This can cause a little bit of inner conflict in some people. This means, that by the end of the day people that work from home might end up feeling more tired, than if they had attended a physical workplace.


One ways of helping to alleviate zoom fatigue is taking defined breaks between video calls. Another way to alleviate zoom fatigue is to engage in zoom meetings that include activities that change the nature of our interaction. When people are concentrating on quizzes or puzzles or games, they aren’t as focused on controlling their body language on camera, which can really help them relax while on video call.


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