What makes a Great Team Building Activity?

Posted in News on 5th April 2016

There are many elements to a Team Building Activity that contribute to making it a productive and worthwhile endeavour.  They can be a great way to develop your team’s strengths and identify and address weaknesses.  A Team Building activity’s purpose is to unite your team and remind them that they are at their most productive when communicating, cooperating and working together.  This in turn creates a harmonious and enjoyable work environment, benefiting both the company and employees alike.

Choosing the Right Team Building Activity

The first essential thing to do before you choose your activity is to pin down what you are trying to achieve for your group: Are you looking to address challenges your team face? What do you think your team could improve upon? Or, are you simply looking to reward your team for a job well done?

As an events company hoping to provide you with the best possible Team Building experience, the more you can tell us about what goals you are trying to achieve, the better an activity we can provide.  Consider your team’s current strengths and weakness and try to identify what you need to address most.  Are there communication issues? Is your team still trying to get to know one another?  Do people need a morale boost?  There are many things to consider when making your selection and having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is a key factor in the success of your activity.  When you’ve identified the issues you want your team to address, we can then help you choose the perfect and most beneficial activity for your group.


Another important thing to consider is competitiveness.  Healthy competition can be highly beneficial, motivating and enjoyable, and for the right group we would encourage introducing an element of competitiveness, however it is not going to suit all teams.  For example, consider a team who may not know each other particularly well, or are experiencing a lack of morale.  Introducing a competitive activity to either of these kinds of groups could actually worsen their issues, cause them to feel de-motivated, or create further rifts.  In these scenarios it is better to look at activities which really focus on working together to achieve a common goal rather than pitting teams or individuals against one another.  Rather than choosing an activity which focuses on winning, look to choose something where you create something together and achieve a common goal.

Having Fun

Lastly remember to have FUN.  Team building is beneficial to all who take part in it, but only if the right activity is chosen for the right group and if it takes place in a positive and enjoyable environment.  It should be engaging and relative to your team.  Remember that not everyone’s idea of fun is the same, so consider your company philosophy and ask yourself what does fun look like for us?

If you keep these things in mind when booking, you’re sure to have a great Team Building activity!