Why a Murder Mystery Dinner Show makes for a great work night out in Dublin!

Posted in Blog, News on 20th April 2016

Trying to pull together a successful evening time social event for your work team can be hard work.  There’s a lot of factors to consider for it to be a success, with the first challenge you face being actually rallying the troops together and getting people to attend.  These days everyone’s got a busy social life, and quite often the lure of the standard after work drinks just isn’t enough to get a good group together.  The purpose of a fun evening event with your work team is to have everyone let loose and bond a bit, improving team relations, in a more relaxed environment.  Therefore if half your team opts to not show up it can be a real missed opportunity – not to mention a waste of money!  You need something that’s going to attract people’s attention, and evoke curiosity – a bit of mystery.

So why not try something different? Why not try a Murder Mystery Dinner Show?!

The name itself is sure to evoke curiosity and get people interested.  Then there’s the fact that it takes place over a meal – you’re hitting two birds with one stone.  Your team will be fed at the same time that they’re being entertained by a fantastic group of professional actors. This event is fun, interactive, and packed full of tongue-in-cheek humour.  We’ll even write your group (and particular individuals) into part of the script before the event date, so your team is involved in their very own personalised Murder Mystery.  This always gets a great laugh out of the group, and really makes it a night to remember.  You can also opt to introduce a dress-code for your team – getting into costume always adds an extra element of fun to the evening.

You can host a Murder Mystery Dinner Show absolutely anywhere that has a private dining space.  Everyone knows what a fantastic range of restaurants Dublin City has to offer.  A surprisingly large amount of these great hot spots have private dining spaces that they will reserve free of charge, provided there is a certain food/drink spend.  The whole event in itself only takes approximately two hours – the same amount of time it takes to eat your meal and have a few drinks.  Then you’re finished a great two hours entertainment, it’s still early, and you’re set to continue your night of fun in Dublin’s fair City with your team in good spirits and with lots to talk about.