Musical Team Building Activities

Posted in News on 27th February 2019

Have you and your team tried all of the team building events out there? Why not try something that includes music and musical instruments? You don’t need to be Mariah Carey or Dave Grohl to enjoy these events and come away achieving a great piece of music.

Drum for Fun

Who doesn’t want to bang on drums while having fun? Our Drum for Fun workshop is a great way to encourage team building while learning a percussion instrument. Your group will be separated into sections, with each section having an instrument. During the event, each section will learn their part of the rhythm. Don’t worry our professional drummer will take the time to teach everyone and you’ll have lots of time to practice. At the end of the event, you will sound like a professional Samba band. Trust me on this, I have seen the least musically talented bunch sound amazing at the end!

Instant Choir

The team building activity to break you out of your comfort zone! Turn your team into a Pop, Rock or even Gospel choir and again you don’t need to have musical abilities to accomplish this. Professional singers will warm up your vocal cords with vocal exercises and if you are a nervous bunch they may loosen you out by making you pull funny faces and poses. You will then be split into sections, taught your part of the song and given plenty of time to practice. All sections will come together to form a choir complete with harmonies and soloists!

Drum and Dance

Blending the world of Irish music and Irish dance together to form a great team building activity! We bet you will be great at one if not both of these by the time we are finished with you. You will learn set dancing and the Bodhran first hand and by the professionals. Our dancing instructor will teach you the basic steps and a professional Irish musician will show you how to play the Bodhran. For the finale, you will all come together showing off your new skills – whether it is dancing or drumming!


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