4 Tips To Keep Your Remote Workforce Supported And Motivated

Posted in News on 7th January 2021

Bringing “The Little Things” Online.

Keeping your remote workforce energised and motivated while they’re away from their team can be tricky. A lot of tasks and work within the corporate sphere can be done remotely, however we all know there is more to a workplace than just work. A workplace is a place where people socialise, values are shared and where innovation and creativity occurs. There are many nuanced elements to a workplace that can be lost when workers go remote. Fortunately, there are things team leaders can to help bring the nuanced culture of the physical workplace, online. Keeping that feeling of a workplace, can keep remote workers engaged and connected with their work and, their team. Virtual Team Building Events can increase productivity and connectivity!


Here are 4 tips to help keep your remote workforce feeling motivated and engaged in 2021.

1. Check in with them Regularly

Touch base with them often. Tools like Zoom, Highfive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams allow you to collaborate and stay connected with your remote team. There’s also Marco Polo. It’s an app that lets you send video messages to others that they can check when they have the availability.


2. Trust Them

Some people need to be micro managed. Quite a lot of people are more productive when they are not. Clearly defining what needs to be done and by when is an important part of successfully working remotely. For the vast majority of employees, it’s clearly defined tasks and timelines which motivates them, not the idea they are constantly being monitored.


3. Create a virtual watercooler for them.

This is where the nuance of the workplace comes in. When working remotely from home, employees can become a lot more jaded. There are no micro interactions throughout the day to break up their tasks. Those micro interactions, help people relate to their colleagues and feel part of the team.  A day working from home, is far more about work and task completion than a day in a bustling work place.

  • Create events like video presentations and webcam hangouts. You could also encourage your team to play online games against each other or start a book club.


4. Organise Virtual Events, Specifically For Them

Working from home, week after week, focusing only on task completion and time lines can be pretty challenging mentally. While the odd light hearted zoom chat or hangout with some colleagues might help boost the mood of a team working remotely, it might not be enough to get them all motivated and all on the same page. This is where Creative Events can help. Organising virtual team building events that are specifically for remote workers will make them feel supported, acknowledged and positive about their work. A well put together virtual team building event can make your team feel connected and motivated. Creative Events offer a range of fun and unique virtual events to connect remote teams and get them feeling positive about the year ahead. Whether it’s a virtual quiz event, a virtual escape or even a virtual murder mystery event, we’ve got the expertise in virtual event planning to get your team buzzing.


Creative Events are here to help you and your team, beat the January Blues in 2021! Get in touch today at hello@creativeevents.ie for more information on all our Virtual Team Building Events!