Top 3 Conference & Meetings Energisers

Posted in News on 19th September 2018

We all know a conference or a day of meetings can be long and tiring and can be a week long in some cases! So how can you re-charge the team after their lunch break or break up a long day? Simple – energiser activities, the best way to wake people up and have them ready for an afternoon session. Here are our top 3 energisers that will have the team working together while having a bit of fun.


1. Drum 4 Fun

Drum 4 Fun is a great breakout session to refresh a group while working as a team to create the perfect Samba instrumental. The team will be split into sections, each of which will get their own instrument. Our professional drummer and MC will teach each section their part of the instrumental – ranging from gogo bells to darbuka drums. Trust me, even if you’re not rhythmically gifted it will come together in the end. You may even surprise yourself as to how good you all sound!

2. Table Top Escape Game

We have created a unique version of the Escape Rooms which have become very popular over the last year in Ireland and around the world. Keep the team in a problem-solving mode with our Table Top Escape Game. Each team will need to first crack the flight case to get to the puzzles in order to save Dublin from the evil Professor Payne! Once time is up, teams will have a chance to use the codebreaker clues they have gathered to unlock the safe. If you are looking for fun and competition in one energiser this is the event for you.

3. Instant Choir

Don’t freak out, you don’t have to be the next X-Factor winners to become an instant choir – it’s our job to make it all work! You can choose from genres like Gospel, Pop, Rock or even Christmas Carols. Our professional musicians will teach the group lyrics, harmonies and solos to ensure you become the best choir within the breakout time frame. This is a great energiser for a day of meetings or during a conference. Everyone will be delighted when they hear the finished product. We can even bring in a full band to complete the experience. After you may want to enter a singing competition!


Can’t decide what will work for your conference or meeting? Our sales team are here to help, contact us today!