A Blue January

Posted in News on 5th January 2021

A Blue January

It’s been a festive period of twists and turns. At the beginning of December, it felt as though there was reason for cautious optimism, both for businesses and for society in general. A little over a month later, a world that had been turned upside down by Covid19, Now feels like it’s also been turned inside out. With fresh restrictions, brings fresh pressure on our mental well being. It’s set to be a very a blue January indeed, particularly for remote workers, some of whom have been working from home for nearly a year.


Focusing On The Positives


Right now, it’s tricky for most people to tap into the vitality and good feeling of a new year. However, they say it’s darkest just before the dawn and in this case, that saying seems to be particularly apt. There are many reasons for optimism. For the first time, the end of the Covid19 pandemic is in sight, by virtue of a vaccine. We feel at creative events that it’s a hugely important time to support, connect and create positive virtual environments for remote workers. This might seem like a daunting task for team leaders to take on alone, but here at Creative Events, we’re experts in creating virtual events that are positive, meaningful and fun. We feel that our virtual team building events a great way to support remote staff, keep teams engaged and a great way of keeping a positive mindset when it comes to the year ahead.


Our Virtual Team Building Events

  • Engage Remote Workers with our daily and Weekly Event programmes
  • Allow us to create a custom-built programme
  • Played on Smartphones or Tablet with – Live Chat and Scoreboards, Interactive gaming features.
  • We operate across all video conferencing platforms
  • You can implement the programmes or we can offer a 360 solution.


Creative Events are here to help you and your team, beat the January Blues in 2021! Get in touch today at hello@creativeevents.ie for more information on all our Virtual Team Building Events!