What will you do for your Summer Event?

Posted in News on 1st May 2019

It’s that time of year again – Summer! It’s Also the time to decide what to do for your company’s Summer event. We are here to help. We have a range of events to suit all sizes, budgets and groups. Our outdoor events include the iPad City Challenge, Sports Day and Company Carnivals. We have something for everyone.

iPad City Challenge & Treasure Hunt

Fancy an outdoor afternoon event around the City Centre? We have two versions of a scavenger hunt which will take you around Dublin City Centre in a fun team building day out.

The traditional Treasure Hunt will have your group competing against each other to answer questions that relate to points on a map. Our professional will explain the rules and aim of the game and then set the teams off. Will you be quick enough to get around to all of the points and answer the questions correctly? You may meet a character along the way, it could be a pirate or even Molly Malone!

If you are more on the techy side, our iPad City Challenge is for you. All questions are GPS activated, meaning no one can skive off to the pub and google the answers! Beware, this can get very competitive because we have added some features that can be used against each other to slow another team down.  Questions include multiple choice, puzzles, video and photo challenges – something for everyone to enjoy.

Summer Sports Day & Company Carnival

Think summer in Primary School, the day we all looked forward to – even if you weren’t the sporty type! We have brought back the sports day for adults, complete with the beloved relay races. Your group will be split into teams and will compete against each other in a range of races and games. Each team will be given their own customised schedule for the day, telling them who they will play in each round. Do you have a favourite sports day game? Don’t worry, we will let you choose your favourite relay races from the likes of egg and spoon, three-legged and batons. Our games marshalls will keep score of who wins each race, so there is no cheating!

Looking for more elements? Our Company Carnival can incorporate the beloved Sports Day with inflatable games, chill out zones and carnival stalls. This is the best of both worlds, giving teams a chance to hang out and play games at will as well as some structure with the races.

Don’t wait until closer to the Summer, call us today to ensure you get the right event for you!